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Wake up America...
The Matrix has You!

"Whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it." Patrick Henry

The question is... "Are YOU able and willing to handle the truth???
Updated July 19, 2023

We in America, and every where else, are puppets in a system that has done an excellent job of blinding most of us to what is really going on.   Government conspiracy, tax fraud, economic fraud, federal reserve fraud, constitutional right violations, constitutional law ignorance, and other major American issues threaten our way of life.

If you think such things as "plots," "9-11 conspiracy theories," covid CON and vaccination fraud and deaths, and other related topics are bogus, lies and paranoia, then THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU. Take the Blue Pill below!

If you have the right stuff, the courage and determination to make a stand and educate yourself and your family OUT OF THE MATRIX, then please proceed...

The sad fact is, FEW people will bother to investigate this information on the threats we face in this country because of several reasons:

    Most seem content with the status quo and don't know about, or care, that things are terribly wrong as long as it doesn't touch their consciousness and immediate world.

    If they suspect things are wrong, they don't know HOW to relate to or react to the truth they suspect, and are afraid to even "think" about the facts.

    Some are, in fact, CAUSING many of the threats and loss of freedoms we are facing, by their greed for power and money, and by their corruption and lack of morals and ethics.

If you think you are really "FREE," you are deceiving yourself and this site will PROVE it... Just take the Red Pill below and be prepared for your life to FOREVER change. . .

But remember... once you learn about this...

Please let me sleep...
"I can't handle the Truth!"

"I'm ready...
"Let's ROLL!"