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Serious Questions most Americans haven't heard of
or thought about... or worse yet, ignore:

  • Why are we filling up our land with trash and waste and not recycling?

  • Why is the Federal Reserve NOT a US government entity, and why is it owned by multinational banks and wealthy families that are making themselves rich at our expense?

  • Why are we sabotaging ourselves by remaining hostages to Middle Eastern Oil when various technologies exist that could free us?

  • Why do we allow gun control fanatics to push us toward world gun confiscation, and helplessness against tyranny, all when the statistics show that guns deter crime and help maintain a free nation?

  • Why are we allowing our government to ignore and even commit crimes against our constitution?

  • Why do we allow our politicians to break their oath of office affirming that they will uphold our constitution and yet don't?

  • Why do we allow corrupted politicians and special interests have their way over us?

  • Why do we allow minority homosexual agendas to harm our children and the moral standing of America?

  • Why do we allow the United Nations intrusion into America, with the agenda of bringing ALL nations into a one world government?

  • Why do we allow the U.N. control over our public & PRIVATE lands, preventing us from utilizing them?

  • Why do we allow anti-Christian elements to control our schools, government offices and Churches?

  • Why are we allowing unrestricted immigration into America, whereby we are losing not only our American identity, but our nation?

  • Why do we allow minorities control over every aspect of our lives, and give in to "political correctness?"

  • Why do we allow immigrants to come to America, but maintain their "Afro/Mexican/Spanish/Asian" American positions? (How many "French/German/Austrian/Australian/English/..." Americans try the same control tactics?)

  • Why are we giving away our rights, our country, our sovereignty and our children's future to other nation's and people's control?

  • Why do we ignore the very clear warning signs that America is spiritually sick and in need of serious help?

  • Why do we allow people to rewrite history and ignore our founding father's own words and warnings about a government out of control?

  • Why do we allow the fanatics who first put us in jail for correcting our kids, and then prevent us from dealing with what they turn out to be... killers, thieves, rapers, liars, cheats, selfish and self absorbed, by executing those who are guilty of murder?

  • Why are we so self absorbed that we overlook, and even support the above signs of "spiritual cancer," without even batting an eye?

  • Why do we, as Americans, go about our daily lives, not caring that this is occurring all around us? ... Is it because we don't care any more? Is it because as long as "we" are happy, content, or not bothered too much by the above, that we are willing to ignore it? Are we so blind as to the inevitable outcome of the direction America is headed in? Are we such cowards that we fear making a stand against true wrongs? Have we forgotten all that our forefathers sacrificed, all so many Americans have sacrificed in the wars we have fought? Are we so complacent, so apathetic, so weak and uncaring that we have already given up on ourselves and our American brothers and sisters?

  • Why do we abort millions of human beings every year, and call it "birth control?" (Hitler did the same thing, just disguised a little differently.)

  • Why do we pay teachers a pittance, and pay people who play sports games millions? (Isn't there something fundamentally wrong with that mentality?)

America and true Americans should be ashamed, and pitied, for this self absorbed attitude and the cowardice that so many are showing. We continue our blind pursuits (fiddling), and all the while, America (Rome) is burning.

If we want to survive as a nation and a people, we need to take a personal stand against the forces that seek (knowingly or unknowingly) to destroy our way of life and our spiritual foundation. If you can't see that, or feel that at some level, then you have become part of the problem and have already been conquered by the powers that control your life, and you WILL live to regret it.

I urge you, as an American, to start NOW, and educate yourself. Don't run from the battle that only YOU can fight. Don't throw your children to the wolves while you run from the truth to avoid being taken. If you don't fight now for what is right and true, then you can plan on watching as your country and your freedoms are taken from you even more than what has already occurred.

If you can't see that or don't believe this, then you are willingly staying ignorant and have no desire for truth, and I pity you for what you have become and for how you despise and hold in contempt, our American history and the future of our own children and neighbors.

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