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Wake up America...
The Matrix Has You!

"All it takes for evil to prevail,
is for good people to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Because there's more
under the surface

than meets the eye.

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." Dresden James - More Quotes For Freedom!

Where do YOU fit in the above?

Don't dismiss Covid 19 virus and vax fraud as a conspiracy theory. It isn't. We can go back to O.K. City or "911 conspiracies", Federal Reserve and U.S. government fraud stealing our money, and many more threats to our freedoms and rights.

Until you have reviewed the abundant proof this and many other sites provide, you are being misinformed... LIED TO!

There is one word that separates right from wrong, good from evil. That word is truth. We live in a world that has little interest in truth or in encouraging people to actually look for it or prove things they hear or see. Deception and fraud run at virtually every level of your daily life.

Right now, America is almost wholly encompassed in a "Matrix" created to control us, rob us and manipulate us... and most of "us" don't care and are willing to be robbed, manipulated and controlled.


Many people realize there is something terribly wrong with our country and the world, but most also don't allow this reality to reach their conscious lives and do something about it. It is easier to remain asleep and ignore it, but this attitude is responsible for the worsening of our country's problems, and unless people are willing to take a stand, our country and freedoms WILL crumble!

This site is dedicated to providing sources of information that you will NOT find generally available. You won't hear THIS news on the traditional media stations. You will read and hear stories from traditional media that are tailor made BY the Matrix, just for you.

The Matrix won't tell you the truth. It WILL do everything possible to keep you from the truth in any given area. It WILL encourage you to believe the words, and they will malign and castigate ANY source of information that is NOT "processed" by this Matrix.

Keep in mind that there is a massive effort to provide "misinformation" to the public, and this includes deliberate faking of supposed evidence to mislead people, and to create a straw man argument by first creating the lie, then exposing it in an effort to say, "See there, it was a lie," thereby trying to cast doubt on the truth that really IS there.

Time will expose such misinformation and liars. In the meantime, use your head and logic, and review the evidence for yourself. Make a rational decision based on those things and you will come to see the truth!

Let's begin with The Evidence

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