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Banking, Finances and the Uniform Commercial Code

Here is a brief synopsis of the present financial situation in the country: In 1938, the United States (a legal corporation) went bankrupt. Few people know this fact. Because of this, and because of HJR 192 which removed us from the gold standard and essentially eliminated money from our country, we have been sold into slavery, and here's how.

Since the United States could not pay its bills (a planned dilemma) our government turned over, through deceit, lies and fraud, EVERY asset within the borders of our country as collateral toward this debt. This means that every natural person in this country, from birth to death is working to pay off a debt that cannot ever be paid off. Who receives these assets? The Federal Reserve and other International banking and private families.

Hard to believe, I know, but it is the truth. What makes this worse is this: When you were born, your birth certificate was sent to the government and they created what is called your "straw man." This is a corporate creation that essentially allows the government to own everything you think you own, and to force you to comply with corporate law, which is NOT what our constitution and common law laws are based on. In effect, they stole our rights and through fraud, committed us to forever owe a debt... something which cannot ever be paid off with more debt, which is exactly what the Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) we call "money" really is.

FRN's are simply an I.O.U. which we pass around and which allows continued enslavement of all of us. The "straw man" created, which is your name in ALL CAPS, such as JOHN DOE, is this fictional character which corporate law holds YOU personally liable for and which they never told you how to remove yourself from this system legally... because they want all your money and property to remain in their control.

Here's an example: If you think you own your house, try not paying your property taxes or income taxes, or whatever and you'll soon see that the house you think you own, which you have really been renting, either through monthly payments and property taxes, or if you have it "paid off," through property taxes, really isn't yours because it quickly is taken from you.

Take a look at your name on your mortgage, and any other utility bill or document that is relevant to daily living and you will see it in ALL CAPS. This is your straw man ... the corporate entity which you are paying debts for. You see, when the government went bankrupt, and removed real money of value from the use of Americans through HJR 192, there was suddenly NO real money of value (gold or silver) with which to pay any debt you incurred. The government uses the straw man as the means with which to FORCE or COMPEL you to accept the "privilege" of being able to carry on an essentially illegal activity of paying your debts WITH debt. You cannot pay a debt WITH another debt, which is exactly what all of us are doing when we use FRN's.

With the government's providing us the "privilege" of doing so with limited liability, we are selling ourselves to the government because ANY privilege makes us "indebted" to the government and so we "owe" income taxes and are bound in other ways to this government through our straw man. It really is an ingenuous system of slavery which most Americans and people's around the world (which, by the way, are ALSO caught in the same trap) are oblivious to and have been conditioned to voluntarily accept.

However, the Congress knew that according to world law, for lack of a better name, there HAD to be a remedy for people in this situation, so one was provided through HJR 192 and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Unfortunately they neglected to tell anyone about all these events. This leads us to the ultimate control they are working toward... At any time, our "creditors" could call in the national debt. Since every American is named as a "Debtor" to this national debt, through the straw man and through our state governments accepting federal "privileges" in the way of money and other handouts, this means that unless we actually, personally control our straw man, we are slaves to this called-in debt and stand to not only lose all we have, but we could legally (because we allow this situation to continue unrebutted) be forced to work off this debt through our labor AFTER we have lost our property.

Our laws we now exist under are controlled by the UCC, and NOT the Constitution as most believe. We are actually under Admiralty Law, a continuation of British law which our government made sure we were still harnessed to long ago. This allows our "masters" to manipulate our lives in virtually any way they wish to rob us and force us to work for them.

The educational process you need to take to understand this can be a challenge, but it IS possible to apply the remedy available to you so that you regain total control over your life and property and remove yourself from this artificial debt-creating and collecting machine which you are locked into now.

Begin by researching the following websites:

Common Law
HJR 192
How to Play the UCC Game
Why the UCC filing for Remedy?
The Bankruptcy of The United States
The Fed... Privately owned Corporation!

Also, do searches on the internet for terms like:

  • straw man
  • common law
  • HJR 192

If you take the time to study and educate yourself and others, and act on the remedy available, you can protect yourself before the other shoe falls and most people's finances are whipped out as surely they will be.