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Islamic Threat:
Worldwide Threat to all!

I am amazed at so many Americans who defend the acceptance of Muslim refuges so blatantly and freely into our cities and towns. Is it ignorance, or is it the same treason so many political officials are exhibiting? Those who are ignorant of our Constitution and laws are quick to jump into lawlessness. If the Paris Muslim terrorist attack isn't a wake-up call for us, nothing will shake these kind of people out of their embracing this insanity. The facade of refuges who are fleeing oppression is being used to import the very enemies that seek to destroy our way of life. Even the most cursory research into this Muslim issue would prove their agenda, and how this importing of our own known enemies will cause a civil war, sooner or later, within our borders.

The First Amendment freedom of religion does not support or condone false religions among us or on our soil. Shocking? Our Founding Generation (FG) believed in the true God of the bible. They knew scriptures, and believed in the hand of this true God being behind the founding of this Republic. They practiced their religion based on the bible as best they could, and certainly knew what it stated about false gods and false religious practices. Why would our FG mouth a belief in the true God of the bible, and then go on to create an Amendment allegedly giving freedom to any pagan religions of the earth? The Christian bible condemns this.

The pagan "high places" (Mosques today...) the people allowed to be built in their midst was a curse to them. We are not dealing with ISIS and the Muslim/Islamic problem correctly... here, OR around the world. We've been so politically correct brainwashed to the point that we are willing to be killed and see our way of life and our children destroyed right in our own back yards. Islam has routinely proven its evil and criminal nature, and should be dealt with accordingly. Islam is an affront to Christianity, and any alleged Christian should realize that it calls Jesus Christ a liar and fraud, and puts a false god and prophet ahead of Him and the true God of the Bible. Their works clearly reveal their intent and agenda, and we will reap what we have sown by allowing evil to exist and propagate within our borders.

We are under a global insanity and blindness as to what needs to be done to route evil from among us. This isn't hard, People... it just takes waking up and standing for truth and common laws that created the greatest free society in the world, and we are throwing that away. We are allowing our leaders to destroy our lives, all the while we could be holding them accountable, but aren't. It's the .1% vs 99.9%, and we cower in fear? Watch the short video - The Tiny Dot -, and you'll see how absurd it is that we are as troubled as we are.

The Religion of "Peace": The Politically incorrect TRUTH about Islam!

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