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Impeach Government Leaders who trash the Constitution!

Due to the continuous stream of evidence accumulating against many government leaders, there is a ground swell of groups that are calling for investigations into leader's actions.

This is long overdue, and should (and likely will) include 911 evidence to bring those responsible for the actual event, and cover-up, to justice. This would include the major media groups, as well as Congress people and military officials and others who have direct or indirect knowledge of events on 911 and after.

Below is a list of websites that are devoted to obtaining the truth and providing the evidence that supports grounds for impeachment of the president, V.P., Rice and others. There can be NO excuse for those fighting to suppress the truth or evidence, no matter where they are in the power structure. American's have had enough of this brazen and arrogant disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. It is destroying our country.

I believe along with these investigations, and trials for these criminals, America owes an apology to the rest of the world for its illegal and immoral activities, and we, as Americans, need to do a complete house-cleaning throughout government, whether Federal, State OR local, and call to the carpet all those who have been warned, placed on notice and who have ignored and blatantly resisted doing what is legal, right and true.

I hope that all True Americans will stand together in this and won't allow this to be pushed aside. We HAVE to act or we will lose our country.