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Here is an actual court case now in 4 Federal courts (July 11, 2008) regarding a third party Summons from the IRS to 4 of my business relationships. I filed an original Petition to Quash 3 of 4 of these Summons (One so far seems to be defaulted on by the IRS). The IRS responded with their "form letter brief" with no real law being practiced, to deny my Petition. I say "form letter" because they completely ignored 90% of my legal arguments in the original Petition, and put out their usual propaganda and misleading statements.

I subsequently filed a second Brief and Memorandum of Law in response to their response, (New Mexico filing because it is best) with much more case law and specific challenges to issues the IRS raised as part of their so-called "defense," which were merely presumptions and hearsay testimony.

UPDATE December 26, 2008:

These cases have now been ruled upon, but the law is clear, as is the case law and records. Legally, the Federal Courts have NO wiggle room on this case and either obey the laws and not commit fraud upon the court, or commit this fraud and support the IRS fraud, which will be further legal evidence of Racketeering against the whole system and individuals.

Recent North Carolina Ruling on above case! Denied Motion to Quash

Recent Virginia Ruling on above case! Denied Motion to Quash

I subsequently filed a Motion for Reconsideration for North Carolina, and the Court Response to this motion. My Motion for Reconsideration for Virginia was denied due to being "late" (it takes about 5 days to receive mail from Virginia, and they give people 10 days (which I didn't know) to file this including mailing and document preparation time, so this is almost impossible to do if you don't have something prepared in advance).


Motion for Administrative Default for Nebraska because the IRS did NOT respond to any of my three Petitions to Quash to their three (redundant) Summonses to the same party. Nebraska is insisting that the fee to file is $350, whereas NC, VA and NM all accepted the $39 filing fee for my response to the Summonses. Nebraska denied my letter request to accept the $39 filing fee. I then filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the filing fee, with new evidence, as well as a request to Combine all three cases into one case as should have been done by this judge, and wasn't. In this Motion for Reconsideration, I also notice the judge of violations of the law and that she has committed fraud upon the court among other things.

The interesting thing about this state is that the IRS has NOT responded to ANY of the three Motions to Quash, as they did in the other three states. This is highly suggestive of one or more things:

  • That the party Summoned responded prematurely to the IRS and sent records, so the IRS had no reason to do the filing of any motion to stop my motion to quash.
  • The IRS knew the filing fee issue would stop the process... meaning they were privy to the Judge's position or the court's process, which is illegal, and hasn't bothered to respond until the "correct" filing fee is paid... on ALL THREE cases... meaning $350 for EACH Summons the IRS filed. Filing three summonses like that also suggests they are trying to prevent me, financially, from answering three, redundant summonses and to obtain the records they are trying for. Typical treasonous and terrorist tactics.

Recent New Mexico Ruling to Deny my Petition to Quash. I am filing a New Mexico Motion for Reconsideration as I did in the other two states above, but with a bit more teeth in that the Judge was giving testimony in this case, among other things.

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