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NASA UFO's: Video Evidence of American Space and Energy Technology

There ARE weird things going on up there... Original video material of NASA Shuttle missions as taped by Canadian Cable station Employee: UFO The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun. 1 hour, 29 minutes - First part is discussion of how Martyn Stubbs obtained the video. There are many actual video sections interspersed throughout this first part, so it is good to watch the whole thing at some point. Actual footage begins in full about 1 hour into the video. To get to the satellite tether (12 miles long... keep that in mind when it is 77 miles from the shuttle) section, with the most incredible footage of UFO's, forward to 1 hour, 14 minutes, 33 seconds.

This is Part 1 (of 11) of a scientific discussion regarding the UFO's and footage in the above video, space flight faster than light, and speculation on various of the UFO purposes.

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