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Dear Disclosure Officer:

This is a request under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT at 5 USC 552, PRIVACY ACT at 5 USC 552(a) and INTERNAL REVENUE CODE at 26 USC 6103 and 6110. This request does not fall under exception 26 USC 6103 (e)(7). These documents are not sought for any commercial purposes. This is my firm promise to pay fees and costs for locating and duplicating the records requested below, ultimately determined in accordance with 26 CFR 601.702(f).

Understanding exemptions are discretionary, rather than mandatory, if for some reason you determined any portion of this request to be exempt from release, please furnish the following (a) those portions reasonable segregable after the exempt material is deleted, (b) detailed justification for your discretionary exemption since the overriding objective of the FOIA is to maximize public access to agency records [see IRM [1.3] 13.1 08-31-2000], and (c) provide the name of the official and correct address to whom an administrative appeals should be addressed.

I am requesting copies of records in lieu of personal inspection of the requested records.

I am attesting under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the united States of America 28 U.S.C. 1746 (1), that I am a category 5 CFR 294.103(d) requester.

Please send me a copy of all documents for above referenced requester and above referenced year(s) maintained in a system of records identified as:

1. A copy of all documents maintained in the system of records identified as Individual Master File (IMF) specific and not literal; Data Service, Treasury/IRS 24.030 "IMF MCC TRANSCRIPT-SPECIFIC".

2. "Individual Master File (IMF); Data Services, Treasury/24.030 "IMF MCC TRANSCRIPT- COMPLETE".

3. The "OFFICIAL INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE NON MASTER TRANSCRIPT" spelled exact as listed herein. (Note: I am not requesting the "Official Internal Revenue Service Non Master Transcript" which does not exist but the exact spelling "OFFICIAL INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE NON MASTER TRANSCRIPT" which does exist in your record systems. See IRM 3.17.46 0-137 (1-1-96) Figure 3 for sample of document I am requesting.

4. Please send requester a copy of all documents maintained in the system of records identified as Business Master File (BMF) specific and not literal; Data Service, Treasury/IRS 24.046 for EIN number 84-1521074.

Should you decide this request has been sent to the wrong office, please make certain that you forward this to the proper office and notify me of same.

I understand the penalties provided in 5 USC 552 (a)(i)(3) for requesting or obtaining access to records under false pretenses.

Respectfully submitted,


All rights reserved.


_____________________________________ (signature)
(typed name), Requester.

Enclosure: Photocopy of Drivers License or passport enclosed to provide proof of Identification.

(Please note: Your IMF takes decoding in order to understand what the IRS has attached to your file and how they are fraudulently applying things. Get the Complete IMF Manual for details.