Attachment E - Jeffrey Thomas Maehr

Source material for IRS Constitutional and legal challenges:

  1. "Judicial Tyranny and Your Income Tax," by Jeffrey A. Dickstein.
  2. "Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?, by Phil Hart.
  3. "Cracking The Code," by Peter Hendrickson.
  4. "The Biggest Tax Loophole of All," by Otto Skinner
  5. "The Federal Mafia," by Irwin Schiff
  6. "Investigating the Federal Income Tax: A preliminary Report," by X IRS enforcement agent, Joseph Bannister
  7. "The Law that Never Was," by Bill Benson
  8. "The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue" by Paul Mitchell
  9. "The Social Security Swindle" by Irwin Schiff
  10. "Vultures in Eagle's Clothing," by Lynne Meredith
  11. "How to Cook a Vulture," by Lynne Meredith
  12. "The New Income Tax Scandle," by John C. Garrison