A MISSING 13th Amendment?

Yes, a missing Amendment purposely and illegally suppressed and removed from view by lawyers... surprise, surprise... because they would have lost their citizenship in the United States for accepting their title of Nobility, "Esquire", and could NOT hold ANY public office. This includes all of Congress (who today are mostly attorneys and the cause of much of America's problems)!

UPDATE: We are in the midst of receiving conclusive proof that the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was lawfully ratified, including an original letter from John Quincy Adams answering a friend on the topic of accepting a title of nobility. This documentation covering 100 years cannot be refuted and will take down the attorney BAR club and criminal cartel, including all judges and EVERY decision based on non-citizens.

Click here for The REAL, MISSING, 13th Amendment

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Also, there are rebuttals to this, of course, so do your own research, and try to understand why this would want to be rebutted...

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